Houston Embroiderers' Guild


2021 Officers

President                                                  Kathy Abouhalkah

1st Vice President, Programs                         Lynn Bahm

2nd Vice President, Special Projects            Susan McCluggage

Secretary                                                  Trish Mims

Treasurer                                                   Natalie Campbell

Region Rep                                               Bobbi Norris


Standing Committees

By-Laws                                                           Pat Rozendal

Community Outreach                               Sherri Seville

Education                                                        Janet Casey

Membership                                           Shannon Shock

Newsletter                                                       Cathy Trostmann

Operations                                             Mary Jo Morton

Special Interest Groups                                      June Murdock

Special Committees

50th Anniversary                                     Bobbi Norris

                                                             Shannon Shock

                                                             Sherri Seville

                                                             Candy Jepsen

Advertising                                        Diane Briggs

Budget                                                   Natalie Campbell

Busy Beaders                                     Bobbi Norris

Boot Camp                                             Bobbi Norris

                                                              Marian Hoffman

Charms                                              Sharon Murray

GCGN                                                   Shannon Shock

Habitat                                              Sherri Seville

Historian                                                  Joanna Quijada

Holiday Party                                      Susan McCluggage

Holiday Project                                        Rose Al-Banna

Hospitality                                          Diane Briggs

Library                                                     Terri Zievers

Magic Tuesday                                     June Murdock

Opportunity Knocks                                   Bobbi Norris

Parliamentarian                                     Pat Rozendal

PhD Club                                                 Ted Defty

Seminar Chair                                       Linda Walker

Stash Sale                                               TBD

Stay Retreat                                          Susan McCluggage

Stitch-Ins                                                  Norrene Trama

Sunshine                                              Candy Jepsen

Timeless Treasures                                     Candy Jepsen

Web Site                                              Natalie Campbell

Welcoming                                              Karen Madden

Workshops                                            Marian Hoffman


President                                       Kathy Abouhalkah

1st Vice-President, Programs                        Lynn Bahm

2nd Vice-President, Special Projects     Kathy Phillips

Secretary                                                 Karen Madden

Treasurer                                        Natalie Campbell

Region Rep                                              Susan McCluggage


Standing Committees 

By-Laws                                                   Pat Rozendal

Community Outreach                        Ted Defty

Education                                                Ada Terrell

Membership                                    Shannon Shock

Newsletter                                                 Cathy Trostmann

Operations                                      Mary Jo Morton

Special Interest Groups                                 June Murdock


Special Committees 

Advertising                                              Diana Dorsey

Budget                                         Natalie Campbell

Busy Beaders                                          Leticia Jaroski

Boot Camp                                    Bobbi Norris

Charms                                                  Sharon Murray

Christmas Project                             Shelley Rosales

GCGN                                                   Shannon Shock

Habitat                                          Sheri Seville

Historian                                                   Joanna Quijada

Holiday Party                                  Shelly Rosales

Holiday Project                                          Rose Al-Banna

Hospitality                                       Diane Briggs

Library                                                      Terri Zievers

Magic Tuesday                                 June Murdock

Opportunity Knocks                                    Susan McCluggage

Parliamentarian                                Pat Rozendal

Region Seminar Chair                                 Linda Walker

Stash Sale                                       Marian Hoffman

Staytreat                                                   Kathy Phillips

Stitch ins                                        Norrene Trama

Sunshine                                                  Candy Jepsen

Timeless Treasures                             Candy Jepsen

Website                                                   Joanna Baleson

Welcoming                                     Janet Casey

Workshops                                               Marian Hoffman

                                                         Yearbook                                        Shannon Shock

Organizational Chart for 2020

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