HEG Policies

WHEREAS, the Houston Embroiderers’ Guild values the opinions of all its Special Committee Chairmen;

WHEREAS, the Houston Embroiderers’ Guild wishes to encourage Special Committee Chairmen to attend all Board of Directors’ meetings;

RESOLVED, that any Special Committee Chairman attending a Board of Directors’ meeting, is given the right to discuss and vote on all motions brought before the Board of Directors. 2/08


1. The advertising (both website and newsletter) year will run from June 1st to May 31st. 2/16

2. Ads will be placed in our monthly newsletter and a link will be placed on our website. 5/10

3. Advertising rates will be as follows:

Business Card $40

Quarter Page $80

Half Page $100

Full Page $140

One-time 1⁄4 Page $15. (newsletter only) 2/16

Board of Directors

Failure to report or attend 3 consecutive Board meetings shall constitute resignation from the Board. 5/10


1. In the event of the death of a member, $50. Will be given to National in their memory. 8/18

2. In the event of the death of the spouse or child of a member, $50 will be given to the HEG Memorial Fund. 8/18

3. Other Memorial gifts will be made at the discretion of the HEG Board. 5/10


1. The primary task of the Education Chairman is to monitor all national educational programs and services and keep the chapter informed of these possibilities for participation. 10/16

2. Additionally, the Education Chairman is in charge of all correspondence courses, including the mechanics of choice, sign-up, costs, and time and place. 10/16

3. The Workshop Chairman handles all “limited member” workshops. 10/16

4. A “limited member” workshop is one that is usually held at some time other than during a regularly scheduled meeting. The number of participants is limited by the teacher who is conducting the class or workshop. 10/16

5. The Workshop Chairman shall present all workshops to the Board for approval. 10/16

6. Teaching fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the current going rate. 10/16

7. When a workshop is scheduled, an Email blast will be sent out to all HEG members. If the class has not filled after at least a month, it will be offered to other EGA members of the South Central Region. 10/16

8. A $50 non-refundable deposit will secure initial enrollment in a workshop. Paying this deposit constitutes commitment on the part of the participant to pay the balance of class fees when they come due. Workshop enrollment is handled on a first-come/first-serve basis. In the event the class does not make, the deposit will be refunded. Registrations from SCR members (those who are non-HEG members) will need to include the cost of a plural membership in HEG in addition to the $50 non- refundable deposit. 10/16

9. Prior to the date of the class, the remaining expenses – teacher fee, location cost, teacher’s expenses, such as housing, food and transportation, etc. – will be divided between all the participants equally. Estimated class fees will be based on 15 participants. Every participant must pay all fees before class. 10/16

10. Workshop tuition will be paid for the member who houses the teacher. The student will pay the kit fee. 5/10 No further payment will be given to the member, without prior board approval. 11/10

11. The class Angel will receive a charm. 10/16

12. Because a student is obligated to the class after registration,if she finds she will be unable to attend, she may sell her place in the class to the next member on the wait list. If there is no wait list, she may sell her place to any eligible EGA member. This exchange, including financial obligations, should take place between the parties concerned. 10/16

13. No refund will be made of deposit or class fees if a substitute participant is not available.

14. A student who cancels a class after registration and who has not paid the balance of fees due or transferred her spot in the class to another participant, shall be barred from signing up for another workshop for two years. This may be appealed to the Board if unusual circumstances exist. 10/16

15. There will be no refund to a non-attending student, but assuming all class fees are paid in full, the kit will be delivered to that participant who will be responsible for paying any postage fees. 10/16

16. There will be no buying a kit without paying full class fees. 10/16


1. Exhibitors in any HEG judged or juried show must have been a member of HEG for at least 6 months prior to the show date. 5/10

2. Exhibits shall be held every 3 – 5 years or at the discretion of the board. 5/10


There will be three signers on the HEG checking account: Treasurer, President and Past Treasurer. #/18


1. All funds for books will come from the library budget. 5/10

2. Late Library books will be dealt with in the following manner:

1 month overdue – telephone call from the librarian

2 months overdue – letter from librarian

3 months overdue – publish errand's name in newsletter and assess fine of $5.00. 5/10

3. Satellite group(s) will be given first refusal of books culled from the HEG library. 5/10

Memorial Lecture Series

1. There will be a Memorial Lecture Series held in conjunction with HEG exhibits. 5/10

2. The lecture will be open to the public. 5/10

3. Every effort will be made to coordinate and share the lecturer’s time and expense between areas within HEG (workshop, exhibit judge, program and lecture). 5/10

4. Initial expenses for the Memorial Lecture Series will be paid out of the general fund. When all expenses are paid, the money will be transferred from the Memorial Fund to the general fund. 5/10


The minutes from our general meeting will be published monthly in our newsletter. 5/10


1. A President’s pin will be given to the new President along with the gavel. 10/16

2. A Past President’s pin will be given to the outgoing President. 3/07

3. Longevity pins will be given to all members. The membership chairperson will keep records and custody of the pins. 8/18

4. The power point projector owned by HEG will be the responsibility of the Vice President, Programs. 9/16

5. Members are encouraged to wear nametags during general meetings. Only those wearing them are eligible for door prizes and those not are fined $.50. At the end of the year the fine money will be given to the selected Christmas outreach project. 10/16



A fee of $100 will be offered for the presentation of the monthly program. This may be increased with prior Board approval. 5/10



Stitch-Ins will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month. 5/10



Visitors are welcome to attend two meetings before membership is required. 5/10



Yearbooks will be distributed annually. 1/16

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