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Houston Embroiderers' Guild

HEG 50th Anniversary!

One of the plans for the 50th Anniversary is a spot/band sampler. This would be stitched from October 2021 through October 2022.

Below this note are photos of four of the 25th Anniversary Samplers stitched by members. The plan is that we will do a similar sampler; however, it will be limited to 5” wide. The length will depend on which bands you personally choose to stitch. The work can be done on linen, monocanvas or congress cloth. Details will be provided later.

For now, we ask each of you to submit your own design/spot motif, or your favorite design/spot motif. If you do not design your own, please provide credit to the designer and the pattern/book it came from (as in a bibliography notation). Hand drawn is absolutely acceptable, as we will put all in a uniform format.

Furher blow is the design area for you to create your own. Please stay within these guidelines. Please submit all patterns to one of your committee members (Candy Jepsen, Bobbi Norris, Sherri Seville, or Shannon Shock) before Tuesday, January 12, 2021. Of course, sooner is always better, especially when we seem to have more time on our hands than usual. Anyone, who submits their design within the first week after receiving this newsletter will be in a drawing for a prize. Each month after that, anyone who submits theirs will be in a drawing for a prize. The drawing will be held at, or the day of, the General Meeting for October, November, December and January.


SEW - x - x - x - x -HOW DO WE GO ABOUT THIS?

1. In your own mind, choose whether you want to do it band or a motif.

2. Practice on the below page.

3. Submit your choice to one of the committee members. Be sure to include: The source of the design Please circle the design you wish to use The suggested colors to be used

4. The design area for the band is 100 x 30 threads The design area for the motif is 30 x 30 threads JUST DO IT AND GET ‘ER DONE by JANUARY 12, 2021


Personal note from Candy; The 25th Anniversary Sampler is one of my most treasured pieces of needlework. It hangs in my front hall and as I go past it, my eye catches on a band or motif. I fondly remember the person who designed it, some of whom are no longer with us. It brings back sweet memories. Over 50 participated 25 years ago, let’s surpass that.


Band Sampler Announcement 2.bmp

Here is the announcement in a pdf as that might be easier to read.

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